Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 3 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 3 February 2020, We see Shubhra, Soham and Ashawari in the local Rajasthani market. Shubhra is buying sarees in a shop. Soham will then ask Aswari to buy sandals with you. The tour guide instructs him not to let his mother’s hand go because it’s a busy road. After a while, we see Asari weeping on a call with a stranger. He asks her if everything is okay. Then Aswari tells her that she’s lost, which comes to shock the stranger.

We see that Soham is jealous of Abhijeet and Aswari, who are riding them in a fancy vintage car. They ask Shubhra if he joins them in the car. Shubhra tells him to go to Abhijeet-Aswari so they can have some private car. Then their tour guide said that the regular train was waiting for them. Subra then tells Abhijit-Aswari to go ahead and enjoy their journey. After a while, Abhijeet and Ashavi are seen having a good time together. They both enjoy a drive to a picturesque place in Rajasthan. Aswari tells Abhijeet that she felt good in the comfortable car they were sitting on. Abhijeet replies that they are actually sitting in a luxury car like a king and queen.

Meanwhile, the entrance to Soham and Shubhra has been stopped by the guards as they have no guards. Soham grumbled about the whole situation and started arguing with the guards. Shubhra convinced him to cool down. Only then their tour guide enters with their entrance and they all enter the gate. After a while, the tour guide takes them through the history of Chittorgarh and the palace. Soham brought his mother Aswari to the palace. Soham then got a call on his phone and he set off to go there. Abhijeet told Aswari that he had sent a photo to her phone. Soham is dragging her along with Aswari trying to get her phone. Shubhra realizes that Soham does not allow Aswari to stay near Abhijeet and is dragging her all.

Later, we see Soham abhijit and Shubhra arguing. He wants to book a car to get to that place. Subaru then decides to leave Soham alone in the car, when they will all go into space.

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