Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 3 January, We see a frustrated Shubra and talk to Abhijeet to discuss her with her. She tells her how she had all her plans to make Kataker a Trump, a failure. This hurts Abhijeet and he goes to Ajoka to talk to him about the situation. The latter pleads that they did not take such a drastic step, as it would endanger the lives of Asari and Abhijeet. He called for reconsideration of his decision to marry Asakari’s Katekar.

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 3 January, we have seen a bit of confusion and irritation and it seems that there is no Asari standing inside the showroom. He realized that it was Maddy, whom Shubra had asked to replace Aswari. Katekar, who is already aware of Shubhra’s plan, asks Maddy about the place where the three would meet to marry Aswari and Abhijeet. She tells him that she will take him to the spot, but not before buying a sari that she can wear to the wedding ceremony. The batsmen clearly reject the idea and say they need to leave immediately. However, she begins to cry, and eventually, Katekar has to be patient and he allows her to buy sarees.

After finally choosing a saree, Maddy decides that she is ready to leave for the wedding. However, she has been stopped by sari sellers, as she is yet to pay for her purchase. Realizing that she did not have any money, she starts crying and asks Katekar to pay for it. He just pays for the sari to finish the play and then the two leave the shop. Once he was out of the shop, he almost beat him up, as he pulled Maddy’s saree off and started screaming for help. Finally, after a number of accidents, he pulls her into his car to deliver to the registrar’s office.

Outside the office, Shubhra tries to convince Abhijeet and Aswari to get married immediately. She expressed both her anger and her sadness at Strange’s behavior and her stubborn attitude toward marrying Aswari. Instead, she added that she was terrified and worried that Aswari would be sent to Katekar for more than an hour. She’s adding it now, it’s impossible, but she’s sure Anjouba will finally come and accept the match.

After she had said all this, both Aswari and Abhijeet convinced her that there was no hurry and that her love was true enough to stand the test of time. Abhi tells her that they want her to marry them by blessing them. Expressing the same sentiments as Aswari Abhijit tells Shubhra that she has full faith in the match and would love to wait. Such expressions of love and respect from such a heart tear up Shubhra. Finally, she agrees to leave the three together. Therefore, upon reaching the registrar’s office, Katekar finds an empty courtyard.

When Aswari and Shubhra return home, they find Kaitkar sitting next to a stranger. Before he could say anything, Shubhra successfully tried to make fun of him. She listens to a call recording of a conversation between Aswari and Katekar, where he is treated badly. After hearing all this, Grandpa tells Katakar that he has high expectations for him but he does not live with them. Katekar was shocked and told Ajawa not to delay the Asari wedding. They suggested that both be busy tomorrow!

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