Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 30 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 30 January 2020, We see that Aswari and Abhijit Shubhra and Soham are surprised to be in the same hotel, as they are both staying there. Aswari says she was already defeating the two. Soham says that I was happy to meet him but now he will continue to visit himself and let Abhijit-Aswari enjoy them together. Abhijeet asks Soham and Shubhra to accompany them on a tour. After a while, Aswari tells Abhijit that Soham likes his own room more than his own, and asks if Soham can switch to Shubhra’s room. Abhijeet agrees and tells her that he is ready to be with her in the hut.

We see Aswari enjoying a romantic dinner date, Abhijeet has made plans for her. She appreciated the special arrangements. Abhijeet responds that she did all this because she is special and she loves him. After a while Aswari begins to feel cold. Abhijeet saw this and wrapped it in his coat. Then they both look at each other lovingly. Abhijit expressed his feelings about Aswari. She says she loved him two and hugged them both. Meanwhile, Soham and Shubhra take blessings from everyone before going on their trip. Aswari and Abhijeet, on the other hand, are enjoying their trip. After a while, Aswari prepares to go for a camel trip and tells Abhijit to stay with her. He sat behind her on the camel, telling him not to worry. Asari came in fearing the camel. Abhijeet’s laughter made her laugh.

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