Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 31 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 31 January 2020, We see that Aswari loves a vintage car and is telling her how beautiful she looks. She then tells Abhijit that she thinks about how the king and queen must have felt after riding such a magnificent train. Later, Aswari was surprised to find that Atari was sitting inside the car. He tells her that he has got a car for Aswari so she can sit inside and decide how she feels. After that, they both run off into the picturesque streets of Rajasthan.

Shubhra called for Ajib to find him. Maddy picked up the call as he was busy playing the carousel. She then hangs up on Shubhra’s call because she wants to enjoy the match. Just then, the doorbell of Soham’s house rings. Maddie goes to the door and receives the pizza, which she ordered. Meanwhile, in Rajasthan, Shubhra and Soham surprised Aswari-Abhijit at their hotel. Aswari was happy to see them. Soham admits that he misses her a lot and so decided to come here and surprise them. Shubhra says that Soham had planned to book a trip to Rajasthan and she did not know anything about it. Soham says that they will continue on their own and ask Abhijit and Aswari to move on. Abhijeet compels them to come on tour. Shubhra says that they should enjoy their privacy and they should enjoy them. After Abhijit’s constant bath, Soham agrees to stay with them. Abhijeet and Aswari are happy to hide their execution as they execute their plans.

After a while, Sohm compliments Abhijit-Aswari’s room and says that he loves himself more. He tries to stay there to invade Abhijeet-Aswari’s privacy. Subrah then pulls Soham with her and leaves the room. Later, Aswari tells Abhijit that Soham did not like his room and requested that she switch rooms with her son. It is a pleasure to hear that Abhijeet has agreed to fulfill Aswari’s wish. After a while, Abhijit and Aswari agreed to go to Chittorgarh Fort and decide to join Soham-Shubhra. Meanwhile, Soham pretended not to go on tour. Abhijit decided to go nowhere because Soham was ill. They tell Shubhur that they will be together, taking care of Soham.

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