Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 4 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 4 February 2020, Soham’s negligence loses Asari to the crowded market. She got scared because she didn’t have phone and money. Finally, she calls Ajabi who helps her get in touch with Abhijeet and Shubhra. In order to defend himself, Soham lied to his family, but Shubhar caught his lie. When Soham and Shubhra return to their hotel, they find her lost diamond necklace in her bag. She noticed that the new husband had stolen from her closet. Abhijeet and Yardi are celebrated by the tour company, but Shubhra has been missing since the ceremony. After arriving late, Shubhra puts on a diamond necklace and flies in front of Soham. He was shocked to find her jewelry.

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 3 February 2020 Soham drives the car alone but as soon as it reaches the market, the driver tells him that he cannot buy the car because it is not very crowded. Shubham, Ashawari and Abhijit had to go to Soham in the market they were waiting for. Shuhara started laughing at Sohm’s angry face as she suggested taking him into the space. After visiting his family, Soham goes to a shop to buy silver jewelry. There, Aswari picks her up, then Soham decides that he and Aswari will leave Abhijit and Shubhra behind to go shopping for Mosari.

While selecting a mustard for Aswari Soham, a woman is asking for his place. Distracted by her, he overturns Aswari and goes to the woman’s aid. After a while, Aswari realizes that Soham is not with her and scared. In the crowded market, she goes in search of him and begins to cry. She then enters the shop, grabs the shopkeeper’s phone and tries to dial Shubhra or Abhijeet’s number. However, she does not remember it and decides to call Aojioba at home. Grandma informs Abhijeet, and finally, Aswari meets her family.

Soham returns and reunites with Aswari. Shubra scolds Asari for leaving him alone but he lied to her. Then, Abhijeet and Aashwary spend time together. He gives her a paycheck and helps her remember everyone’s contact details. Meanwhile, Shubhra, who is in Soham’s room, found a missing necklace in her bag. She remembers their conversation in which he told her that he knew nothing about necklace. This leaves her skeptical.

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