Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 4 January, We see Asari and Abhijit buying vegetables. He notices that she is ignoring him. Abhijeet gets nervous and threatens to sing in public if he keeps avoiding him. When he said this, he began to sing aloud and everyone looked at them.

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 3 January 2020 Abhijeet tells Ajoba that if Aswari is involved with Katekar, her life will be over. Two would be Abhijeet and Aswari, while the third would be unique. Despite Abhijeet’s pleas, Mukhtar disagrees, and he tells Acharya to leave the house immediately. Abhijit discusses everything with Shubhra and he tells her that it might be the end of his love story with Aswari. He goes on to say that he will continue to support his (Aswari and Katekar’s) organization as long as the true face of the catchers is revealed. His words give Shubra an idea, and then they begin to plan something explosive to break that investment.

The next day, a well-dressed Katekar reached Kulkarni’s house, all with Aswari. However, he is shocked by the fact that he is a heavy-handed audience between Aswari and Azoba, Shubhra and Soham. According to Shubhra, who pretended that her husband and wife were arguing, she wants Soham to give her an expensive ring as a gift. Later on, Shubhra put on a beautiful saree and walked around the room. She tells Aswari that she hangs herself in the middle of Aswari and Katekar, and that he is tied to the ring. They say Soham is ready to leave and marry Katekar if he pleases her with immense wealth and wealth.Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 4 January

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