Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 6 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 6 January, We see Abhijeet in the kitchen of Aswari. Aswari is surprised to see this and asks how he got into the kitchen while Job was home? Abhijit tells Aswari that the stranger told him that she was making onion bhaji in the kitchen. Aswari was surprised to hear this.

We see the happiness spreading in the Kulkarni family as Shubhra successfully brings forth the true intention of Katakore before Yashoda. Aswari apologizes and tells him that she and Soham don’t want her to leave. So, Grandma asks her if she should find a husband in the house. Aswari tells Azoba that she doesn’t want to get married. Hearing this, Grandpa calls Shubhra and tells her about it. He tells Shubhra that Aswari does not want to get married so he should not discuss the issue anymore.

Later, Soham gives Shubhra a lotus as he crosses the ‘limit’ to expose the catechore. In the next scene, we see Abhijeet in his restaurant in a cheerful mood. He rejoices because the stranger taught Katekor a lesson. Soham takes Abhijit with sweets at the restaurant and congratulates him and tells him that Aswari’s wedding is closed. Soham then asks Abhijeet about the check. Abhi then asks him if the last two checks have been given to him. Abhijeet then asks him about the breakup of the money given to him because he needs to know where his money is invested. Although Soham tried to ignore the issue, Abhijeet asks him to take the time and update where his money was invested. After a few minutes, we see that the Ajoka Palak demands vegetable and makes a dish made from veggies. The stranger once again asked Asari to handle her past responsibilities. Aswari leaves for the market and Shubhra speaks to Abhijeet so that they can meet him. As she was talking on the phone, Shubhra heard her and asked her a question as to who informed Asari. He also warned Shubhra that if Aswari did something wrong again, she would not forgive her.

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