Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 7 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 7 February 2020, We are thinking of a wonderful wife, Aswari for her new husband. She calls Abhijeet and asks him to come home a little sooner. She adds that this is a surprise and she plans to cook something tasty for her. He is eager to know this and almost calls her “I love you.” Soham, on the other hand, tells Pragya that he might use Aswari’s card to withdraw money.

We see both Shubhra Ajwa and Soham giving breakfast. If grandfather likes the analogy done by his grandchildren, Soham looks at it and makes a face. Instead, he asks his wife to go to Thailand. Shubhra tries to argue with her husband on her side and tells her that since she has to go to the office, she can’t make two or three dishes every day. Grandpa gets angry at Soham and tells him to stop being a teenager.

At Aswari and Abhijit’s house, we see that the wife is making breakfast for her newly married husband. Nevertheless, Aswari makes a big mistake when she learns that there is no turmeric in the house. This has resulted in her swimming without that element. Abhijeet gets the last little turmeric. When he decides to feed Aswari, she gets a call from Soham, who is full of complaints about his wife. He tells his mother that his wife is forcibly forced to eat him when he is not happy.

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