Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 8 February 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 8 February 2020, We look at Soham with his new tactics of creating more majors in Asavari’s life. He goes ahead and empties all the water in the house. This allows Anjo to not bathe and complain about all the mess. Soham reported all the grandfather’s complaints to Aswari in a phone call, that she was running out of her house. This leaves Abhijeet alone and confused.

We are going to a grocery store in Aswari and to surprise Abhijeet, she has decided to buy groceries. That’s when she gets a call and tells him about the surprise. Abhijeet on call is ready to taste the new style of pasta, which unfortunately did not happen. This gives Asari an idea, and she asks the shopkeeper to give her a pasta and all the ingredients for it. While she is checking her purchase, she is shocked by another woman in the shop and has lost her weight. It turns to a stacked glass jar, falls off the shelf and breaks into several pieces of glass.

The broken vessel irritated the shopkeeper and he started shouting at Aswari. It scares her to the end and she begins to cry. Because of this, the owner is afraid to ask her to stop crying and pay. Trembling, Aswari then called Soham and asked her to give her the card given by Abhijit. Soham is very frustrated with Aswari and tells her that she has completely changed from marriage and has stopped trusting her completely.

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