Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 8 January 2020

Agga Bai Sasubai Today Episode 8 January, We see Asavari and Abhijeet sharing a light moment of romance. While he is eating, she picks up a plate and she stops telling him. Then, he goes on to ask her when the Aboli flowers will bloom back in their season. She laughs with a smile because those flowers are her favorite and they mean her name – who doesn’t speak. This sweet exchange has been heard by Pradhan and Soham.

It’s a happy birthday and she’s awakened with a cool, happy heart. She wakes up early in the morning and begins to prepare in front of the mirror. Soham walks into their room and surprises her with an expensive necklace. Shubhra is shocked and appreciates her gift but at the same time she asks her where did she get the money to buy such an expensive piece of jewelry? To this, Soham replies that this is all because of his new company and asks her to enjoy the gift ahead. Shubhra lovingly hugged him and thanked her.

Later, Grandpa also visits Shubhra with a pair of toe shoes, and tells her the scientific reason behind this backyard. The traditional story behind these jewelry impresses Shubhra and she decides to wear it immediately. Aswari also visits her daughter-in-law. This gift is a hand sewn tiffin bag to help keep the good tiffin going. The young, happy birthday girl is extremely happy with all her presents.

Abhijeet and his chef are busy preparing a cake for Aurora’s restaurant. Something is wrong, but soon Abhijeet’s two friends will see a cake full of thanks. Harshada and her husband Navnat have come to tell Abhijit about the recently released film Dhurla. The couple advised Abhijit to remain strong and conquer his love for his lady, Asari and her family.

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