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TV Serial : Aggabai Sasubai

Channel : Zee Marathi

Starting Date : 22nd July 2019

Starting Time : Monday to Saturday at 8:30 PM

Producer : Sunil Vasant Bhosale

Director : Ajay Mayekar

Production House : Somil Creations

Story : Shekhar Dhavalikar

Dialogues : Pallavi Karekar, Kiran Kulkarni

Screenplay : Rohini Ninave

Sound Recoder : Ashok Yadav

Music : Ashok Patki

Playback Singers : Madhura Datar

Title Song Lyrics : Shrirang Godbole

Background Music : Samihan

Cinematography (DOP) : Sachin Rajvilkar

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Tital Song Agga Bai Sasubai Serial

SongTitle:Aggabai Sasubai Title Song Lyrics
TV Serial:Aggabai Sasubai
Channal:Zee Marathi

English Lyrics

Chandan ratila preeticha sagar
Fesaal udhlala
Makhmali latanchya bebhan sprshan
Kinaara sukhavla

Chafaa hirva fulala rani
lapun kase rahi
Gupit sangaya dahi dishana
Preet gadh jaai

Gheun kara rahili ubhi
Karvali Sunbaai
Aggabai Sasubai
Aggabai Sasubai

Star Cast

Aga Bai Sasubai cast

Tejashree Pradhan Shubhra Kamat

Nivedia Ashok Saraf

Nivedia Ashok Saraf – Asavari

Dr.Girish Oak
Dr.Girish Oak – Abhijit

Ashutosh Patki
Ashutosh Patki – Soham (Babadya)

Ashutosh Patki
Ravi Patwardhan – Aajoba (Dattayray Bandopant Kulkarni)

Story Outline

From being the most favorite show in the Zee Marathi Awards show to the Bagging Awards, Aga Bai Sasubai has been trending ever since it started. Starring Nivedita Saraf (Asavari), Girish Oak (Abhijeet Rake) and Tejashree Pradhan (Shubhra), many plot twists have been seen from the beginning. Whether it is the sacrifice of Aswari for her son or the dedication of Shubhra and the support of her in-laws, the women in this show are shown in a very different light.

Zee Marathi New Marathi Daily Soap Series is coming Agga Bai Sasubai. In this serial, Tejashree Pradhan, who is famous for the series Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi, has also been cast in the role of Soon (Shubhra Kamat). And famous Marathi actress Nivedita Ashok Saraf has also appeared in this series. In this series, Nivedita played the role of Tejashree Pradhan’s mother-in-law (Asavari). Written by Shekhar Dhavalikar, the story of this film is very unique. The story is based on the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. We will see how they treat each other, how they have support and how their relationship has grown.

Agga Bai Sasubai: 5 Our favorite show has introduced the audience

1. Shubra As a supporter daughter-in-law

Shubra has been shown to be very supportive and pure about her in-laws, which is unique to Sasu-Sun-Dynamic. They are both very informal with each other. By marrying Abhijit, Shubhra is trying to bring happiness back to the world of Asavari. We give a thumbs up to this modern sunbay!

 2. Abhijeet owns a hotel and plays the role of a chef too

How often do we see men cooking in series, hey? Abhijit not only cooks but also serves and is skilled in multi recipes! He can toss pizza, break cilantro and even manage a business.

3. Love can happen twice

Abhijeet and Ashavari are both middle-aged and settled in life. After going through a sad life, when they meet, they are both tormented by Cupid. They are both stuck in their responsibilities, but their love for each other has been shown to be pure.

4. Societal pressure v/s personal happiness

At every stage of the show, Asavari’s happiness was killed due to social pressure and her responsibilities towards her family. But as the show progresses, with the support of Shubhra, Asavari is shown choosing her own happiness every day.

5. Shubhra and Abhijeet’s bond

Shubhra understands what is best for Asavari and she wants Abhijeet to be chosen. But Shubhra’s bond with Abhijeet is also prominent here. She is in constant touch with him and supports him in all his endeavors, so that he can win Asavari. Though Soham and Ajoba despise Abhijeet, Shubhra is still fighting for her role.

Agga Bai Sasubai: The Equation of Shubhra and Asavari 5 reasons why we like it

1. They always support each other

Shubhra and Asavari both stand behind each other, especially in the most difficult times. This base is extended beyond just doing household chores. They help each other deal with problems in their personal lives. Her mother-in-law’s decision to remarry Abhijeet in her love made Shubhra a cheerleader. She fights for Asavari even when other members of the family are against the decision.

2. They accept each other unconditionally

Shubhra is a progressive minded torch bearer and manages the house just like the total boss lady. Whether it is her official work or household chores, Shubhra handles everything efficiently. Asavari accepts her way and Shubhra does not stop the two from showing her motherhood on Soham. They respect each other’s personalities and accept each other unconditionally.

3. They stand on each other

Shubhra and Ashavari stand side by side against all kinds of resistance. Aswari’s marriage was a taboo subject in his family, yet Shubhra fought for it. She also spoke out against the orthodox views of Ajoba and Soham. Shubhra believed that Asavari, like others, had the right to start anew. Recently, Aswari also sided with Shubhra and went against her beloved ‘Babadya’ Soham. Remember how she brought Soham to her senses by slapping Shubhra for being rude? Yes, in the same way other women become strong women.

4. They share a great friendship

As Shubhra and Asavari break all the norms in the equation between mother and daughter-in-law and realize that the two parties can be friendly and close.

5. They are protective of each other

They strongly protect each other. Shubhra has made the point of saving Asavari from Pragya, who hates even speaking. Shubhra does not allow Asavari to be affected and saves her from the bad behavior of Pragya.

Agga bai Sasubai reminded us of 2 Bollywood movies! Find out which ones

Agabai Sasubai is a drama series that is fresh, progressive and unique. The show tells the story of a widow named Asavari. She wants to marry celebrity chef Abhijeet, but her conservative father-in-law is against the organization. This corner of the story reminds me of the iconic Bollywood movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. In DDLJ we saw that Simran’s father was a traditional man, who did not recognize Raj’s relationship with his daughter.

Like his grandfather, he was a fanatic and stubborn about adopting a progressive lifestyle. At last until he comes near and tells Simran, ‘Ja a simran ja, ji le aapni zindagi! ‘Will Grandpa say that in the end? Let’s wait and see. Besides, in both DDLJ and Agabai Sasubai, the father is seen choosing a suit for his daughter. Just as Kuljit was chosen to marry Simran, so Anjo finds Kamlakar Katekar for Asavari. And like Kuljit, Kamlakar is a man of dubious personality and intent. They are both traditional thinkers who believe that a woman is at home, while Abhishek, Simran’s partner Raj, is open-minded and believes that women should have their own voice and freedom.

Getting married is the next step in a relationship but not all couples have this privilege. When their families refuse to accept their opinion, some give up. Asavari and Abhijeet came close to doing so but in the end they stopped it. This angle from the show reminded me of Saathiya. Suhani and Aditya got together and ran away and got married secretly after facing difficulties in their family.

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