Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 1 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 1 February 2020, We see Apna’s wife, Zhanjane, who works at a drugstore company. She told her that their consignment was rejected due to poor quality. Appa was shocked to hear this and he immediately rushed to Nachiket’s office to talk to the manager. He found out that the manager himself was in danger.

The Ketkar family is celebrating, thinking that their business will soon grow and succeed as Apa has gone out to find new distributors. However, Appa is worried because he forbids selling any distributor’s products. He somehow sneaks up on everyone’s questions. Meanwhile, while the whole family is eating, Sai goes to Nachiket’s place to give him an alarm move. She is very upset with Nachiket’s behavior because he did not call. As always, Nachiket’s sweet words make it to Sai and his love story is back on track.

At midnight, Nachiket plays another bad pull. He misses Sai and goes to her house. He calls Sai on her mobile and informs her that he is waiting for her in the kitchen. A sleeping pier is incensed. She went down to meet Nachiket, and at midnight he asked her why she was at her house. Nachiket romance states that he has returned to her room. At that moment, Ajji goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and the couple redheaded and chatted with each other. She was upset with them again and warned them of the side effects they would face if they knew about them. At that moment, Apa called Ajji from the room, asking her for water. The couple realized their mistake and apologized for their behavior.

The next morning, Appa got a call from Digg and didn’t know if he was on the other side of the call. Appreciating his deep understanding and understanding of Marathi language, he started playing on them. After some discussion with him, he asks you if he can answer one of his questions. When Appa agrees to do so, Digg often irritates him by calling Hitler. This makes Apa angry and turns red.

Also, Nachiket invites Sai to meet her outside the house. He warns her that something terrible is about to happen in their house today.

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