Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 10 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 10 February 2020, When we accidentally visit Ketakar’s place in Nachiket. Apa tells him that he has agreed to let Sai accompany him. Everyone is shocked, including Nachiket and Sai.

We see that after Ajji sang Gabriella in front of Sai, she got jealous and ran to Nachiket’s place. Sai looks for it everywhere but in vain. As she was about to leave, she heard a voice from a room where someone was expressing her love for Gabriella. Sai immediately runs towards her and sees Nachit hugging a girl. Seeing each other hugging, the enraged Sai pulls Gabriella’s hair, which becomes a wig. When she found out that the girl was none other than Diggs, she was prostituted to Gabriela.

When Sai realized that she had been knocked down, she left the storm there. Nachik is running after her to stop and explains to her why he is involved in such abuse. He tells Sai that she has already learned about her plan and it’s good to teach her a lesson. Finally, Nachiket also tells her that Gabriella is only his best friend in Australia but Sai is his true love. The couple is having a good time laughing and laughing about their deceitful lies.

Meanwhile, Ketkar is planning to buy a computer and he tells Apa that since his business is about to grow, he needs someone to track his business. They add that the computer will help them communicate with exporters easier. You too are convinced of this.

The next morning, APPA and other family members plan to make some changes to the business functions. They plan to buy warehouses and increase manpower for their products. The pipeline also had the grand opening of their new shop. The family has decided that Apa will open the shop, but to everyone’s surprise, Ajay did the necessary work.

Upon arriving at Nachiket’s office, Zanzabai complained to him that Ketkar was still not in agreement and that it was very difficult to communicate with him. Sai also gets a call, complaining that they don’t get enough time for their relationship and that makes her feel bad.

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