Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 10 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 10 January 2020,You tell Nachiket that he has kept the principles of the Ketkar family with him. He embarrasses Nachiket about his Western ways and says that he is only being tolerated at home. Nachiket is reminded that he cannot stay in the Kepkar house because it is under the name of Appa. Everyone is sad when they go to dance, but no one has the courage to speak against you. They realize that Appa has not made the right decision, but they keep their thoughts to themselves. Nachiket tells his friends that he is still not defeated in the battle against Appa. He is going to teach Appa a lesson and win Sai’s love in the process.

Appa is well-known for its acts of anger and resentment in near-successful ends. So, when he suddenly decided to change his mind, the audience and the family of Ketkar were in big shock. Many of us, the next few days, could not believe that Appa had really changed for the better. However, after he showed his true color at the end of the recent episode, our doubts proved to be true. On Sai’s birthday, they decided to throw Nachiket out of the house after admitting that they had planned the move. We didn’t think Apa would come down to the new one, but he did. Do you think he will ever notice his mistake?

Nachiket decided to impress Apa with possession of the land. The land on which the Ketkar family resides was originally from Nachiket. However, Nachiket decided to give land papers to Apapa after all the work done by the Ketakars during his stay. After accepting the documents, you apologized to Nachiket and confessed to trying to steal your land. Then, he hugged Nachiket and everything was fine for the next few days. Subsequently, Nachiket helped Ketkar by doing his business in the international market. However, on Sai’s birthday, Appa decided he had enough dancing and kicked him out. Since Nachit has been the backbone of the Ketkar family for some time, Apa hopes to know what we are doing. Sai’s family loves to dance and can’t even go a day without talking to them. The perception that you belong to the Ketkar family is unimaginable and we feel sorry for them.

Sai also suffered emotional distress due to Apa’s anger. She (or anyone in the family) doesn’t have the courage to stand up against Appa, saying the shots. We hope that the entire Ketkar family will have an intervention at Appa where they will continue to give reasons for their behavior as it cannot continue. In the meantime, we would love to know your suggestions in this regard.

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