Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 11 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 11 February 2020, The next day on Teddy Day, we met Teddy Asper and each other with Nachiket and Sai. They tell each other that these donations will last them forever. Meanwhile, Apa is upset and frustrated and people are watching each other bear. According to them it is a foolish act.

We see Aji and Kalpana teasing Sai saying that it is time to get married. Psy blushes to hear them. In the meantime, Appa is considering more strategies that will help her grow her business. At that moment, he received a call that made him angry and ordered Sai to step down. When Sai and other family members arrive and ask Appa about what’s wrong, he tells them they’ve received a call for a foreign export. He further said that Zhanjane Bai informed them that it was very difficult to fill the communication gap as Appa does not yet know how to use email. She tells Appa that by now all their communications will be via email or they will cancel all transactions done. Apa tells Sai that she is educated and knows how to use modern gadgets and that they should handle all the communication aspects of their business here.

At night Nachiket reached Sai’s house and told everyone that he should learn how to use a computer. It will help in the smooth and efficient operation of the business and will not find any errors. All members of the family are the same but no one is willing to take the initiative because everyone is busy with their own work. You decide to settle the issue and he tells Nachiket that Sai will work with him in communication and other business. Nachiket was delighted to hear this. He immediately accepts your proposal.

Upon arriving home, our adventure calls Nachit Ketakers to their landline. When Apa picks up the phone, he tells her that he wants to talk to Sai. Apa happily agrees to do so. Nachiket talks to Sai and tells her that he is coming to their place to talk about their wedding. Sai is shocked and helpless as to what to tell Nachiket in front of all the family members. The next morning, the two go for a walk. He tells her that everything was planned in such a way that Apa could work with her. Sai is shocked and tells Nachiket that he is incredible.

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