Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 11 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 11 January 2020,Nachiket tries to talk to Ketakar, but no one talks to him in fear of Apapa’s threat. After that, Appa is trying to lock the gate shared by Nachiket and Sai’s family. However, Nachiket does not allow, cannot call, stating that this is a shared property between himself and Apa. Meanwhile, Sai confesses to Richa that if Appa hadn’t pretended to accept him, she wouldn’t have confessed his feelings to Nachiket. She does not want Nachiket to understand the meaning of the poem because she knows she has feelings for him. Nikkeit Spots Sai is sitting alone outside the house. He sat by her and said the poem she had told him. Sai realized that she probably knew he loved her too.

Nachiket makes a loud noise from the garden of his house and Heard calls Ajji Ajji. But, as she happily approached him, she remembered threatening to leave Apa’s house if Kepkar tried to contact Nachiket. She quickly turns to Nachiket and disappoints him. Later, Sai and Richa talk to each other about their fight with Nachiketa. Sai is sorry to express her feelings for Nachiket through poems. She told Richa that she told Nachiket her true feelings only when she thought Appa had accepted him. Ha tells her to think independently of Apa and not restrain herself. However, Sai tells her that she will never go against Apa’s wishes.

Your lawyer goes to Shri Keskar to brag about throwing Nachiket out of the house. Mr Kecsar congratulated Appa for his cleverness. After their visit, Appa returned home and tried to lock the gate shared by Ketkar and Deshpande families. However, stating the rules prevents him from doing so. After realizing that this step has taken off, Appa withdraws. Meanwhile, Nachiket and Sai’s mutual friends are wondering if the couple will end up with each other. They throw a coin, and as a result, they are assured that Nachiket and Sai will find their way back to each other.

Sai’s family, on the other hand, feels bad about Nachiket and, in the absence of Nachiket, wonders how they do business with Mr. Pardeshi. Meanwhile, Nachiket tells his friends that he is going to teach Apa a lesson and brings Sai back.

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