Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 12 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 12 February 2020, We see Sai hurrying into the house, hiding the teddy bear that Nachiket has given her as a gift. When Apapa calls her, she stops at her track. She reluctantly throws the teddy bear out of the house. Chinmayanand takes the teddy bear to his room. Later, Mansi sees him playing with Teddy and tries to take over from him. In this, Teddy falls on the digs hanging on the road nearby. Finally, Sai spots Teddy with Diag and wonders how they got to him.

We see people celebrating Teddy Day, and Apa is upset over how people express their love for each other by bears. Everyone in the Kepker household is frustrated with Apapa’s behavior because they are not allowed to express their love freely. On the other hand, Nachiket plans to gift Sai a teddy bear, and Diggs encourages Rich to do something romantic.

Sai is in a hurry to meet Nachiket and she tells Ajji. Later they think thoughtfully that they will meet regularly to realize that Appa has now allowed Sai to work with Nachiket. It also bothers her, because the couple are young and there should be no wrong steps in their relationship. Ajji tells herself that she has to keep the couple within their limits. Before going to see Nachiket, she went to Appa. The latter couple inquires as to why they are giving each other teddy bears. Sai explains to him that this is a sign of love. Appa angrily replies that this is all inspired by Western culture and that they are stupid. Finally, Sai reached Nachiket’s office and was amazed at the beautiful infrastructure. Nachit sits her in a chair and tries to flirt with her. Later, they go to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

Teddy also tries to flirt with Appa Ajji during the day. She is surprised to find that she will be opening their new shop. He urges her to dress at the wedding. Ajji starts off ashamed and is overwhelmed by Apapa’s words.

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