Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 13 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 13 February 2020, We’re asking Nachit Sai to give back his teddy bear so he can keep it safe. While talking to him, Sai Teddy loses a grip of beer and she falls on Mansi. The latter holds it in a scrap bag to hide the teddy. Later, Appa sells all the scrap to a scrap dealer.

We see that to celebrate Teddy Day, Nachiket takes Sai to lunch and gifts her a cute teddy bear. She loves this sweet gesture and tells Nachiket that she will keep Teddy with her for the rest of her life. But then she cares how she can take Teddy home. If someone spots her with her, it will be a big deal. To remedy this, Nachiket asks Teddy Bear to wrap her up and take her home. Sai finds this idea perfect and agrees to do as stated.

Ketkar is gearing up for the grand opening of his new shop. Meanwhile, Sai quickly hid the gift behind her, trying to get into the house. At that moment she saw Apa coming towards her. Sai runs out and hides in the gift window grill. When Appa asks her about her work, she tries to turn her attention away because she doesn’t want to go out and find a hidden gift. Chinmayananda sees the gift of Sai hiding something and opens it. He was happy to find a teddy bear. At that moment Mansi came into the room and found Chinnananda with a soft toy. She thinks her husband had gifted him a teddy bear to celebrate Teddy Day. She tries to take Chinmayananda’s hand and in that struggle, the former soft toy loses hold and she falls to the ground floor.

Meanwhile, Sai is upset because her pampered teddy bear is nowhere to be found. Teddy finds the beer and thinks Ritchie has visited him. He immediately calls Richa to thank her, but she tells Diggs that she has not sent him any presents. Finally, Sai sees the dogs carrying her teddy bear and tells them that she owns them.

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