Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 13 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 13 January 2020,Shri Pardeshi is visiting the Ketkar family to pay Natikat for their business. Appa attendant at that time takes the money he wishes to give to Nachiket. Everyone in the family is disappointed with Apa’s behavior, however, he does not admit his mistake. Later, Shri. Foreigners meet Nachiket by coincidence and talk about the money Apa has. Nachiket understood Apa’s trick but didn’t say anything. After that, Shri. Overseas offers a 20% stake in your business to a dancer. Nachiket met Sai outside the house. He sat by her and read the poem she had written for him. This makes Sai worried.

Mr. Pardeshi comes to Ketkar’s house to inform him of his first order success. He asks about Nachiket, but without informing Mr. Pardesi, Appa turns to the subject that Nachiket no longer lives with him. Mr Pardeshi handed over Nachiket’s compensation to Appa, as the latter promised to pay him (Nachiket). Everyone in the Ketkar family was amazed at Apapa’s greedy and dishonest behavior. Mr. After leaving the foreigner’s house, he accidentally entered Nachiket. They both go to the latter’s house for a chat.

Nachiket and Shri. During a conversation with a foreigner, Appa paid Rs. 10000 shares of Nachiket. Upon hearing this, Nachiket is frustrated with Apa’s behavior and admits that he will never get his money back. So Mr. Overseas offers a 20% stake in your business to a dancer. The latter readily admit that on these terms they will greatly increase their business. Later, Nachiket gives the news to his friends, who congratulate him on this great performance.

Appiah, on the other hand, blames Ajiji for his bad behavior with Nachiket. However, he is not ready to admit his mistake and asks Ajji to leave the house if she has any problems. Ajji goes away and talks to her mother-in-law about this argument. Meanwhile, Appa appealed to Sai’s decision to throw Nachiket out of the house. She comes under pressure and accepts that she makes the right decision.

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