Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 14 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 14 January 2020, Nachiket tried to talk to Sai several times but due to pressure from Appa, she kept ignoring him. He then starts working in Mr. Pardeshi’s office and thinks of Sai after seeing all the Indian products. Meanwhile, Apashi has a fight with Ajji. She tells him that he cannot bend the entire family to his wishes and desires. Apa gets irritated and leaves. A stranger who meets Nachik helps him explain the meaning of Sai’s poetry. He tells Nachiket that Sai loves him too. Then, Nachiket enthusiastically goes to Sai who says that they have nothing left to say.

Nachiket sees Sai carefully sitting outside the house. He draws near her and recites the poems she tells him. He tells her that he will find the meaning of the poem and go back to her. Sai was upset and did not want to find the meaning of poetry, so she had to leave. Then Nachiket asks Sai to talk to him and just doesn’t want to leave him halfway. After Sai goes home, Nachiket keeps calling but she doesn’t answer. He keeps trying to call until the end, Sai answers the call. He acknowledged that it was an important day in his life as Mr Pardeshi had his first day in office. However, Sai does not respond to Appa’s fear. Then, while walking to the office in Nachiket, she went to her window which made him happy.

Ajie and Appa are arguing with the whole family. She yells at him that he can’t dominate the whole family. Ajiji tells Appa that Nachiket has only one problem, so the whole family can’t expect Nachiket to be removed, which is always good with them. Apa screamed and walked to her room.

Sai is angry at her room when Ajji enters. She admits to her grandmother that she does not accept Appa’s decision to throw Nachiket out of the house. Therefore, they have decided not to talk to Appa. Hearing this, Ajji decided to treat her husband unprofessionally as well. Meanwhile, Nachiket missed Sai on the first day in Shree Pardeshi’s office.

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