Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 15 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 15 January 2020, Nachiket understood the meaning of poetry and realized that Sai loved them too. He decides to take Sai to Australia under Apa’s nose. Then, he tells Sai that he feels the same way about her. Sai was not pleased to hear this. She’s sorry for confessing her feelings to Nachiket. Sai goes to Nachiket’s house and tells him to go back to Australia. He is surprised by the reaction of Sai who starts shouting in front of him. Then, she says that they once dreamed of being together, which could not be fulfilled. Nachiket says that if his absence makes her feel good, he will leave her alone.

A stranger who meets Nachiket is telling him the meaning of poetry. He tells Nachiket that Sai loves him too. The latter was happy and the embarrassment began. On the way back home, Nachiket met Sai outside her house. He tells her that she has discovered the meaning of the poem she told him. Nachiket says she knows she loves him and he loves her too. Sai wasn’t happy when Nachiket realized her puzzle had been solved. He tries to convince her that their love will not be able to keep them apart for long. However, Sai didn’t say anything and went back to her house.

Sai starts to cry when he gets home. Ajji spots her and tries to calm her down but Sai is indestructible. She tells Ajji that she’s sorry for expressing her feelings for Nachiket. But, Ajji disagrees with that. She was pleased that Sai opened up about her love for Nachiket. Then, Sai goes to Appa’s bedroom to help him. He notices Sai’s changed behavior and asks him questions about her. Sai tells Appa that she disagrees with his decision to throw Nachiket out of the house. Since that decision will not change, Sai has decided not to speak to Appa. After hearing this shocking confession, Appa laughs and tells Sai that she sees the benefit of staying away from Nachiket.

Nachiket, on the other hand, tells Diag that Sai loves him. He decides to sail to Australia under Apa’s nose.

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