Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 16 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 16 January 2020, While Nachiket and his friends are flying kites, Sai comes to confront him. They both step down and Sai tells him to stay away from her. Nichit says it is not possible because both are in love with each other. However, Sai is loudly begging him to leave. Nachiket finally accepts and accepts his decision. Meanwhile, Nachiket has traveled to Gujarat for the work of Mr. Pardeshi. He tells Diggs not to tell anyone about his whereabouts. Sai steps down from Nachiket’s house and Diggs asks as he is not present in Nachiket. As promised, Diggs does not reveal the location of Nachiket’s pirate who thinks he has returned to Australia.

Nachiket and his friends are flying kites on behalf of Makar Sankranti. In the meantime, Diggs tries to get closer to Richa, who stops her progress. Everyone is dreaming of a pirate standing next to him in dance as he is busy enjoying it. Nachiket then got a call from a foreigner who asked him to do some work in Gujarat. Psy, on the other hand, is lonely in her own home. She can’t stop crying and thinking about dance. She decided to go to Nachiket’s house to confront her.

Sai came to the mattress of Nachiket’s house. She tells him that they need to talk and take him down. Sai tells Nachiket to leave the house and get away from her. He tries to stop her from behaving like this but he is afraid of Appa. Then, Nachiket asks Sai if she really wants to go too far. Sai shakes his head as he cries and goes away. Nachiket called the foreigner and told him that he was going to Gujarat immediately. He reported it to Diggs and told the latter to keep this information to himself.

At the Ketkar house, Ajiji has decided to stop talking to Aappa until the whole family can interact with Nachiket. She announced the decision to Sai. Ajay promises Sai that she will bring him and Nachiket closer. In the meantime, Apa gets upset that her entire family is supporting and opposing her enemy.

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