Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 17 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 17 January 2020,No one in the Ketkar family talks to you or entertains them in conversation. However, Apa prefers to say that nothing happened. Then Sai decides to go to Nachiket’s house because she wants to talk to him. But, Nachiket goes away and she meets Diggs. After taking her talk seriously, Sai assumed that she had returned to Australia. Nigichet does not tell Sai that Dig, who has taken an oath of secrecy, has gone to Gujarat to work for Mr. Pardeshi. Richa came to see Sayy on her birthday. However, the latter are not in the mood to be accepted. Meanwhile Sai thinks about Nachiket and sees him standing there with her presents.

Everyone in the Ketkar family stops talking to you. As the latter eats, no one interacts with him. However, Appa does not matter who enjoys your food alone. Later, Sai decides to go to Nachiket’s house because she wants to have an important conversation with him. After knocking on his door, Diggs opened it and told her that Nachiket had left. After taking her talk seriously, Sai imagined that she would return to Australia. She became obsessed and began investigating the drug for where the drug was located. However, Diggs only tells her that Nachiket gave him no hint about his whereabouts. After Sai is gone, Diggs is found guilty of lying to an innocent Sai because his friend had sworn an oath of secrecy.

Sai Kaka and Kaku in Ketkar house want to interact with Nachiket. However, because his phone is not reachable they are not able to go through it. Chinu tells them to ask Sai about his whereabouts. Walking into Sai’s room, she is crying when she realizes that she has hurt Nachiket. Uncle and Aunt ask her about it but she can’t tell them anything. As they leave, Sai asks Rich to learn about Nachiket’s place. Richa says that all this while, Sai wanted him to leave his neighborhood. Now that he is gone, Sai should not miss him.

Meanwhile, the women in the house do not support Apapa’s demands and have a late breakfast. At first Apa gets angry, but since no one is talking to her, she is happy to have no chaos in the house.

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