Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 18 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 18 January 2020, Sai confessed to her guilt in front of Richa, screaming at Nachik and keeping her away from her. She then confronts Diggs again to ask about the whereabouts of Nachiket, but he does not disclose anything. This made Sai uncomfortable and she started crying in front of Ajji. The latter tries to calm Sai, but she is incompatible. Later, Appa talks to Diag and believes that Nachiket has left India permanently. He is in front of his family who is not in the mood to celebrate. Richa tries to hint with Diggs and asks him about Nachiket’s place. Digg, who loves Richa, tells her that he has gone to Gujarat for Nachiket’s work. Then, Richa Sai gets to share this information but Apa is present with her.

Sai and Richa have a conversation about dance. She confessed foolishly to Nachiket in front of Richa. Sai thinks it is because of her that Nachiket returned to Australia again. However, Richa gives her hope that there is a possibility that he may not have gone to Australia. She also tells Sai that Nachit has fallen in love with her after being too far away from her. In the meantime, Richa reminds her that it’s her birthday today and gives her a gift. Sai explained that while she accepted the gift, Nachiket returned with a gift for her, too. This look makes her happy, however, and she realizes it is not true.

Then Sai goes to Diggs in Nachiket’s house and tries to interrogate again. However, Digg does not give her a place to dance. When she and Nachiket spend time together in this house, she begins to remember everything. When Sai comes home, she is crying on Ajji’s lap. She confesses to Ajji that she cannot live without him and wants them to come back home. Ajji is positive and hopefully Nachit Ketkar will return home. Meanwhile, Appa goes to the digs and asks about Nachiket’s place. However, Diggs did not provide any information and Appa assumed that Nachit had left the country.

Apa happily comes home and announces that Nachiket has gone too far. All this frustrates the Ketkar family who want Nachiket to stay close to them. Meanwhile, Richa tries to flirt on the digs and find out about Nachiket’s place.

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