Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 19 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 19 February 2020, Appa is asking Nachiket to help promote her new store. Appa Nachiket also informed that Ajji will handle all the shop operations. The latter tells him that along with Ajji, he may need a new face for advertising purposes and suggests that Sai should try it too. Everyone was happy to know that Sai and Ajji, who represented the Ketkar family during the campaign, will be the faces.

See that after celebrating Valentine’s Day, Nachiket arrives to put Sai in her place. At the gate, when Sai leaves, Nachik grabs her wrist and pulls her closer. To end his day off on a romantic note, he asks her to put a peck on her cheek. Sai is initially shy but gives a quick peck and escapes the embarrassment.

While Sai and Nachik share some romantic moments, Ajji stares at them from the balcony. She is angry and upset by the actions of the young couple. Upon reaching Sai’s house, Aji grabbed her and, despite several warnings, asked her about her irresponsible behavior. Sai tries to justify her innocence by saying that she knows her limits and that she will not cross them at any cost. While Sai was explaining her role, Azizi put a ring on her finger that Nachiket had given her as a gift. Ajji told Sai that he was of a conservative mindset and had no right to wear a ring before marriage. She immediately snatched the ring from him and ran to the place where she had to return.

Nachiket tries to explain to Ajji that Sai and they really love each other. She has no problem with their love, but Aji tells him that she cares deeply about their actions. Azizi is worried that his actions could damage the image and reputation of the Ketakers. Ajji angrily returns the ring to Nachiket and warns him to act responsibly. They say she understands her concerns and is prepared to act cautiously here.

The next morning, Shailesh advises you that he will have to advertise in his new shop in the newspaper and he will have to invest some money for it. After hearing about the huge amount needed for advertising, Appa became irritated and rejected his offer. Then Shailesh tells you that he can ask Nachiket to help with the advertisement. Appa believes that Dancing is smart and can automatically advertise a new shop for free. Later, Sai appears to calm Ajji, as the latter is angry with her.

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