Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 2 January, Sai and Dancer dance in front of everyone at their New Year’s party. They are teased by their friends who understand that they have feelings for each other. In this, Diggs alerts everyone that Appa Psi is coming to take her from Nachiket’s house. She quickly goes up and changes her dress. The next day, Nachiket tries to confess her feelings to him, but she doesn’t realize that she feels that way.

Sai, while cooking, burns her fingers. Nachiket gets worried and holds his hand in front of Apa and Azizi, who are watching them closely.

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 2 January, Sai was wearing a gifted dress by Nachiket. She’s shy as she steps down so he can’t stop looking at her. They both lock eyes and start dancing with each other. As they separate, their friends begin to harass them. Sai and Nachiket are asked what they find attractive about each other and they begin to be ashamed. Meanwhile, at Ketkar’s house, Ajji wishes Apa a happy New Year, but he gets irritated. “I don’t like that Sai didn’t come back from Nachiket’s house,” he says. Then they decided to go to their next house and bring Sai back home.

The app noticed that Apa approached Nachiket’s bungalow through the washroom window. He informs everyone and they become alert. Sai quickly runs upstairs, changing her outfit into a different outfit. After Apa Nachiket arrives at his house, he lovingly asks her about the party. Everyone was amazed at Apapa’s changed behavior. After a while Sai came down and went home with Apapa. As she goes, Nachiket tells her that she loves him, but she doesn’t listen to him.

Appa and Sai arrive at the house and uncle and uncle are also there. After Apa falls asleep, the two enthusiastically discuss the house party they went to with Sai. Ajay was happy to hear that they had a great time. The next day Nachiket and Sai went to Morning Walk with each other. He tries to confess his love to Sai, but stops when he realizes that she is not sure if he likes her too.

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