Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 20 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 20 February 2020, We will see that Sai Nachiket does not know that you are going to Gujarat with you. Meanwhile, Azizi is very worried about leaving the house together, but she is helpless.

Ajji is terrified to know that she is going to be the face of the campaign and curiosity, asking if she would have to make makeup for advertising. The idea encourages her to say that she will not only get to do makeup, but will also find beautiful sarees. After a while Nachiket comes to meet Apapa.

The latter tells him that they need their help to create an ad in their new shop. Nachiket happily agrees and assures that she will provide whatever she needs. Later, when Appa got a call from Zanzanbai, anyone in the Ketkar family needed to accompany her to Nachiket to Gujarat. She has also stated that the person should be fluent in English. Appa asks her for a while, so he can manage something.

Meanwhile, Sai was very upset that Nachiket would not stay in the village for two days. Nachiket explains to her that it has only been two days and she will leave Gujarat after the work is done. Later, Appa tells Sai that she will have to travel to Gujarat with Nachiket to meet customers. Sai was very excited to hear this. However, this time Ajay expresses concern and asks Apapa how he allowed Sai to accompany him to Nachiket. She insists that Appa have allowed her to tag along with the couple, but he refuses her request and tells her that Nachiket can take good care of Sai.

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