Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 20 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 20 January 2020,Sai appeared to tell Ajji that she was rude to Nachiket and that he was gone only because of her pride in her behavior. Richa tells Sai that he is in Gujarat and not in Australia, which makes her happy. Sai tells Ajila that Nachiket has gone to Gujarat and tries to comfort her by saying that Ajee is still in the country and will be back soon.

At Nachiket’s home, everyone is free and happy about his work. Even if he goes for Mr. Pardeshi’s work, everyone appreciates his business acumen. You get annoyed when everyone in the house asks him for a dance business advice. Richa tries to convince Diggs to tell her exactly where Nachiket is, but he excuses, saying he forgot.

In the meantime, Sai remembers all the memories she had with her favorite slang, from her favorite dishes to her favorite food. At home, the police arrive to ask Appa to close his business, because the place where he is set up is not his. But Appa tells him that Nachiket did it in his name. However, he shocked everyone by revealing that Nachiket did not sign the document. Appa comes up with an idea and falsifies the signature, while at the same time, the Duchess informs Rich that he is in Gujarat. Pretending that Nachiket had transferred the documents in his name, he tried to convince everyone with Sai.

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