Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 21 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 21 January 2020, Richa tells Sai about Nachiket’s place. It was a relief to those who found out that Nachiket had not left India and was in Gujarat. On the other hand, the Ketakars are emotional for the family, reminding them that Appa is doing it for them. He says he will have to take care of the property after his death. Once everyone is gone, Sai calls you to Shri. Heard bragging in front of Kesakers who cheated on his family. To teach Appa a lesson, Ajji tells Appa the other day that she and Sai are going to see Shirdi at the temples. Decide to go to Gujarat instead of Shirdi along with Sai and Ajji, Dig and Richa. They are looking to meet Nachiket.

After flirting on the digs, Richa finds the place of Nachiket. She immediately calls Sai but the latter doesn’t answer her phone. So, Richa decided to go to Sai’s house instead. Documents show the land given to him by Appa Nachiket in the Ketkar house. He says he collected the property from Nachiket for family only. It is up to them to do what they want after he dies. He mentions that the family refuses to talk to him despite the sacrifices. However, Ajji says that he disagrees with the way he treated Nachiket. Kachu mentions that he forbids them from talking to Nachiket. Appa responds that past encounters with foreigners have changed his outlook on them. Therefore, he is trying to protect his family from Nachiket.

After listening to Apa’s point of view, everyone gets emotional. In the meantime, Richa enters and tells Sai that Nachiket has traveled to Gujarat for Shri Pardeshi’s work. Then, Sai tells Richa that she understands Appa’s attitude and sympathizes with him. Then Appa Shri. Keskar secretly calls and mentions how he successfully blackmailed his family emotionally. This conversation was heard by Sai who informed Ajinji about it. They both realized the true color of Appa.

The next day, Ajie goes to tell Apa that she and Sai are going on a pilgrimage together. Appa plans to accompany them, but Ajji says that she and Sai are eager to go to Shirdi.

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