Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 22 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 22 February 2020, The shocking news from the Zanjanabai that the Ketakers knew that their consignment had been rejected with the consent of Nachiket. Apa gets angry and thinks that Nachiket is doing it all intentionally. Appa is determined to teach Nachiket a lesson that he will remember for a lifetime.

We have found that Sai and Ajji are taking photoshoots for posters to be used for advertising in their new shop in Nachik.

When the dancer shows pictures to everyone, Ketkar appreciates his skills and thanks him for such a great grace. Nachiket leaves his house stating that you need to finish packing him. As he leaves, Ketkar gets busy and goes to his rooms. Using this opportunity, Nachiket jumps into their house again to flirt with Sai.

Later in the evening, Nachiket comes to pick Sai from her place. On leaving, Appa advises Sai to represent the Ketakas with confidence and present their products thoroughly. After Sai and Nachiket left for Gujarat, Ajji spoke to Appa and praised Nachiket’s efforts. She noted that she was working hard to popularize their products. However, Appa tells Ajinji that Ketkar’s products have always been popular as they provide excellent quality in the market.

Sai and Nachiket arrive in Gujarat and settle in their hotel rooms. At night, Nachiket knocks on Sai’s door, pretending to be a boy in the room service. Nachiket tells Sai that she has a wrinkle in her room. It scared Sai and she hugged him tightly. Sai tells Nachiketa to let the scary creature out of her room. Nachiket was happy to know that she had achieved her goal of going to her room. Sai knows that she has no wrinkles in her room. When Nachiket tries to get close to her, she pulls him out and tells her that she already knows there is nothing in her room. The couple laugh and say good-bye to each other.

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