Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 22 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 22 January 2020, Saying that Sai Baba’s phone might have come from Shirdi, we saw almost successful completion of how Ajith and Diggs and Richa planned to go to Gujarat to meet Sai Nachiket. After several unsuccessful attempts to meet Nachiket, Ajji asks one of the workers at Godown to give his moped so they can find Nachiket before moving to Mumbai. Sai leaves the moped behind the phone without thinking. She was getting dark and after traveling some distance, she found out that her moped was not working and she was stuck somewhere in the middle. Suddenly someone whistled at her. See how Sai is harassed by some local goons. She is scared and running away to run from them. The completely exhausted Sai found someone on the bike to rescue her and decided to seek his help. She hops on the bike and escapes successfully.

Ajji has something else on his mind and he even called Doug and Richa along with the bags. Meanwhile, Diggs left no stone unturned to impress and help Rich waiting for Ajji. While having coffee for Richa, DG argues with the tea vendor that he is unaware that he is standing behind her. After she realizes he is scared and babbling. The three also knew that they were leaving for Sai and going to Gujarat. But when they learned that they were going to meet Nachiket and Shirdi in Gujarat, her happiness had no bounds. When Ajiji learns about Richa, Diggs asks Ajie how she knew Nachiket was in Gujarat.

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