Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 23 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 23 January 2020, Ajji tells the couple that the next morning she will help them marry at the temple. She says she has taken enough money to get married. She tells Nachiket that Sai will now only confront her as his wife.

We find Sai in trouble as her mopeds stop working anywhere. He is very dark and she feels helpless because she forgot her phone in the car. Ajji, Diggs, and Richa are worried about her safety and try to call Sai, realizing that Sai has left her phone in the car. Ajji blames herself for all of this because she lied saying she was leaving Shirdi.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Sai decided to push the vehicle. After traveling some distance, Sai’s worst nightmare becomes a reality. Some gangsters on the bike begin to harass her by whipping her and making inaccurate comments. The frightened Psyche started playing the hooligans not wanting to come near her, in vain. She tries to escape and runs off into the deserted road. Hooligans walk around like wild dogs. At that time, a stranger came on the bike and asked Sai to hop. Sai initially hesitates but eventually does as she was told. After crossing some distances, Sai asks the stranger where they are going and she wants to go to the Sunshine Hotel. For this, the stranger agrees to the contract and leaves her in her place.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Sai thanked the stranger for her help. She narrates the whole incident to a stranger and tells her that she is new to the city and is looking for her friend. She thanked him once again before leaving. As she follows him, a stranger tells her name. It doesn’t take even a second for Sai to recognize her voice, because she’s in love with her. She can’t believe her eyes and hugs him tight. She was angry that he left without saying anything to Nachiket, and began to beat him in anger.

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