Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 24 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 24 February 2020, We will see that Sai gets information about things rejected by Appa. Sai tells Apa that he can talk to Nachiket about it, but Apa convinces her that Nachiket has done it for all intents. Later, when Nachit arrives at Sai’s place to resolve the matter, Sai angrily tells him to leave their house.

In the early morning hours, Apa gets into danger. He wishes Apa a happy new shop and says his business will grow even more soon. Appa was happy to hear this, but soon Zanzanbai started complaining about him being proud.

On the other hand, Sai goes to wake up Nachiket in his room and accidentally takes his bag that is kept in the room. Even here, Nachiket did not miss a chance to flirt with Sai. Then Sai and Nachiket go to the Foreign Export Office for presentation. Mr. Pardeshi introduced Sai and Nachiket to Mr. Sabir Khanvilkar, a big businessman in South Africa. Mr Sabir tells Sai that their products are in great demand in South Africa. Sai was delighted to know this and soon began her presentation. She carefully describes everything about the products that affect Mr. Sabir. He immediately increased the order by 1% and informed Sai that his manager would coordinate with him for further operations.

Meanwhile, Zhanjane Bai informs Dhotre that according to the quality team, Ketkar products have excess oil which is against the quality norms. Dhotar tries to convince her by saying that the oil is suitable for raising oil somewhat and will not harm the quality of the products. However, the arrogant Zhanjane Bai is determined to deny the cons. She immediately calls Appa and gives him the shocking news that her goods are rejected. At this time, Appa told her that the quality of the products could only be determined by tasting, not by computer-tested reports. Zanzanbai ignores all the allegations and urges Appa to withdraw their consignment within two days or else all products will be discarded.

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