Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 24 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 24 January 2020, We see that Nachiket manages to somehow go to Sai’s room with the help of Dig. Sai was shocked to see him. Nachiket explains to him that he cannot stop thinking about her and he wants to meet her immediately. When some couples are busy sharing some beautiful moments, Appa calls out to her roommate.

We see Ajji Sai and Nachiket set aside to have a private chat with the two. She tells them that Appa’s hatred of foreigners for the last few years will never allow the two to come together. When asked by Nachiket, she refused to disclose it. She said the incidents were so harsh that she was still hurting all the family members. She decides that you’ll send Diggs and Richa home, and she’ll be back with Sai and Nachiket. The stranger informs the couple that the next morning she will take them to the temple and marry them. The couple is shocked to hear this but Ajay insists that now Sai will go home as Nachiket’s wife.

Nachiket refuses to do this and assures Ajji that he will convince her to marry Sai and guarantee that he will win her affection for her slowly. The couple calmly explain to Ajji and they all hugged. Eventually all of them left for Mumbai. Upon arriving in the city, Ajji decided to go to Diggs for a chance to spend some time alone with the couple. Sai and Nachik share some romantic moments together. He tells Sai to say, “I love you.” The latter is shy and tries to leave. Nachikat holds her wrist and insists on saying three magic words to her. A koysai thinks for a while and at that moment she spots Mansi. Sai left within seconds, much to Nachiket’s surprise.

Ajji and Sai reached home and found Apapa sitting in the hall. They asked Sai to come to her Sai Baba’s temple and asked for Prasad. This causes Sai and Aji to become stressed. The latter cover some with hunger, because of hunger, they eat prasad in the car. Meanwhile, Nachiket missed Sai so much and decided to call her on the phone. He tells Sai to come to his place but she refuses. Then Nachiket goes to her place to meet her, as he cannot miss her. He reached Sai’s place with the digs and saw Appa walking in the lawn.

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