Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 25 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 25 February 2020, Almost successful, at the end of the flight, you reach Sai at the Foreign Export Office and ask Zanzanby to set off to discuss the rejected item.

The trembling woman waits for her. This upsets Sai and she goes to Nachik to complain about Jhanjane Bai. Naniket tells her that there is nothing he can do if Zanzanby wants to talk to her. Sai angrily told Nachiket that it would be of no use if he could not tell his employees to deal with the supply ers.

Sai and Nachiket are returning from Gujarat. He recalled his trip outside Sai’s house. As Sai entered her house, she encountered a very upset Appa.

When Sai asks him the reason, Apa tells her that the foreign exports have denied their consignment again and this time, they are convinced that Nachiket has a hand in all of this. Nachiket listens to all this standing by the window and feels helpless.

The next morning, Nachiket tells Dig that another batch of Ketakars has been rejected and he suspects that Zanzanbai is doing all he can to hurt the family. Zig tells Diggs Nachiket to take action against the woman, but he tells the latter that technically she is right and he cannot go against her. Meanwhile, Ajay informs Sai that her love for Nachiketa and her family business must be dealt with separately. She asks Sai to confront Zhanzbai so that they know who she is dealing with, and resolves this question as soon as possible.

After a while Appa Zanzan tells Bai that Sai will go to his office to talk about the rejected consignment. However, Zanzanbai firmly tells Apa that she will not talk to Sai and will be waiting for her all day. Later, Nachiket goes to see Apa and asks him why he looks so upset. Appa tells him the whole story of the rejected goods. Instead of supporting Appa, Nachit tells everyone to behave properly so he can carry on his business smoothly. Sai hears all this and angrily tells Nachiket to leave his place. She went on to say that she will have a word with the person in the office for all these responsibilities.

Nachiket reaches the office and tells Zanzainbai that when talking to Ketakar, she should consider talking to her. The latter answer is that he must first see how Ketkar talks to her. Informs Nachiket to maintain some professionalism at work. Soon Sai arrives at the office.

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