Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 26 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 26 February 2020, As the cyclone wives let her wait all day, almost to the point of success, we will see that Sai is completely disappointed. She complains about it to Appa. Appa convinced Sai that Nachiket and Zanjan Bai were missing out on a life-long lesson. He vowed to support Sai in this fight. Sai voluntarily promises you. Ajji became worried over the rising gap between Sai and Nachiket’s relationship.

We have found that Sai reached the foreign export office to ask why Zanzanbai had rejected his company’s Ketakar products. Zhanjan tells Sai to stop because Sai is too busy. She deliberately waited a long time for Sai. Dhotre advised Sai to talk to Nachiket directly and solve the problem, but Sai said he would wait for Zanjan Bai to be released.

Later Dhotre tells Nachiket that Sai has been staying in the office for a long time. Nachiket immediately asked Sai to sit in his cabin but Sai Shri. Deshpande calls Nachiket and tells her that she wants to talk to Jhanjana Bai. In the dance, Zanjan asks Bai when she is planning to meet Sai, Zanjan answers that she is busy with some urgent work and will discuss Sai later.

Finally, lunch time. Dhotre didn’t look for Sai helplessly. He asks Zhananbai to take a few minutes so he can say a word with Sai. But Jhanjane calls out to Dhotre and tells him not to tell her what to do. Nachiket convinces Sai to come to his cabin. She asks Sai why she is acting strange. Sai angrily complains to Zhanjan Bai at Nachiket. Nachiket tries to calm her Sai but she tells Nachiket that she is of no use as a business head. Sai Nachiket also says that he has no caliber to discipline his employees.

Later, Sai calls Appa and tells her that she will be late to come home as she has not yet met Zanzanby. You get angry with the woman on the stairs. Sai calms him down and tells him that this is their fight and they have to fight for themselves. You told Sai to wait until Zanzanbai met and solve their questions. Sai also agrees with you.

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