Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 27 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 27 February 2020, We see Sai angrily telling Nachiket that she is not tolerated by this, she is a beloved person who often breaks her peace in her house.

She also tells Nachiket that she now agrees with Apa that all people in a foreign country are selfish and unkind to the feelings of others. It hurts Nachiket and he can’t speak.

Appa is very angry at Zanzanbae and you have decided to meet her immediately. Ajji however stops him and he is sure that Sai will solve the problem by himself. Ajji calls Nachiket and tells him to use the power of his designation and let Zanzanbai talk to Sai and ask him to solve the question. Nachiket feels that he is trapped and helpless.

Zhanjan Bai finally meets Sai. Sai argues that even though their products have slightly higher levels of oil, the taste of the products has not been affected. Sai Zhanjan tells Bai that she can’t deny the big bang for such a minute mistake. However, Zanzanbai asked Sai to read the paper rigorously and to understand the criteria he agreed to. Sai firmly tells Zanzanbai that she has read all the papers and she suspects that Zanzanbai is doing all this to intentionally harass the ketakas.

Later, Nachiket asks Zanzanbai why she is rejecting such a large herd for such small reasons and is proudly dealing with Apapa and the other Ketakars. Zanzanbai makes it clear that Apa is not aware of the rules when he is talking to others, so he deserves to be treated. Nachiket angrily tells Zanzanbae not to be personal when it comes to doing business deals, and because of this the company may lose a large customer.

When Sai arrives home, Apa asks Sai to dance and promise to help Zanzanbai teach him a lesson he can remember. Later, Richa meets Sai and tries to convince her that she should go to Nachiket, since she does not see any mistake in all of this. Sai refuses to speak to Richa.

Nachiket is mostly unwell. He called Sai and asked her to come to her place so she wanted to clear the misunderstandings everywhere. When Sai refuses, Nachiket tells her that if she doesn’t show up in the next few minutes, she’ll arrive at her place and talk to her there. Sai angrily reached the place of Nachiket.

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