Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 27 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 27 January 2020, Diggs created a problem for Nachiket by calling his phone while he was still hiding in Sai’s room. Appa was still in the room, searching for a criminal who called him Hitler. Nachiket’s phone rings, which alerts you. Sai tells Apa that he is the one who rang her phone. After arriving home, Nachik is still not satisfied and wants to see Sai again. The excavation prompts him to say that he can still see Saina at night.

We see that after helping Nachiket get to Sai’s room, the Diggs are back home. He is very hungry and looks for food everywhere in the house. Despite a lot of effort, he finds nothing and decides to call Nachiket on his phone. Meanwhile, Nachiket is still hiding in Sai’s room, and Apa has decided that he will not leave the room as long as Hitler calls him.

The hungry dig loses patience and calls Nachiket on his phone. The latter phone rings and Apapa is alerted to hear this and asks Sai if she can hear the phone ringing as well. Sai starts to panic and at that very moment, Ajji rushes into the room to convince Apa that it is he who is calling her from below. A stubborn Appa still wants to inquire about this. Sai claims that it was her phone that rang, but Apa says she knew her phone ringtone and it wasn’t the same. Sai finally manages to convince Appa that she has changed her phone ringtone. Ajji takes down Appa, who is still in his detective mode.

Nachiket finally manages to escape, and upon arriving home, Diggs becomes furious over his son-in-law’s actions and spills the food in his mouth. Nachiket tells Diggs that Appa would have caught him because of him. An unhappy Diggs says he was hungry and so he decided to call Nachiket without thinking. Nachik is shocked to hear all this and is very upset, as he has not had enough time to spend with Sai. Just like a true friend, Diggs motivates Nachiket that the day is not over and he can still meet Sai. Hearing this, Nachiketa comes up with the idea.

The next morning, before going to work, Nachiket secretly arrives at her house and bids Sai. In the office, Dhotre introduced Nachiket to the company’s senior supervisor, Zanzanit Bai, and soon they will all go to work.

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