Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 28 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 28 January 2020, We will see why you have asked Sai for why it is taking so long to return home. Ajji, who knows that Sai is in Nachiket’s place, somehow tried to convince him that Sai was with Richa and that it would take her some time to return home. Chinmayananda interrupted the duo, saying that Sai Richa was not right but went to Nachiket. This makes Apa angry and she runs to the destination without wasting a second. We see that Nachit reached Sai’s place at night; He climbed the ladder to reach Sai’s window, and standing down, Digg defended them. While Sai looks at the photo of her dancing on her phone, someone takes her name. She was surprised that she saw him near her window. He says he has come to hear Sai say ‘I love you’. ‘

Soon, Diggs is on his way to Appa. He tries to warn Nachiket about this, but the latter loses talking to Sai and does not break his eyelid. After calling Nachiket many times, scared digs leave the ladder. Appa came down to Sai’s window, Nachiket still busy talking to Sai.

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