Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 29 January

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 29 January 2020, We will be disappointed with Ajay Sai’s behavior. She tells her that for just a few moments of pleasure, their life-long relationships can be broken. Sai conveys the same message to Nachiket and tells them that they should act more responsibly.

We see Sai and Nachik spending time together. They prepare the casserole and soon begin to taste the dish. Sai still starts to get impatient with Nachik saying “I love you”. However, she is ashamed but at the same time, wants to hear these three words from Nachiket.

Meanwhile, Apa Sai asks why he is still not home. He finds out that she is with Richa and will take some time. Disagreeing, Apa asks Chinmayanand to bring Richa’s phone number. Chinmayanda innocently tells Apa that Sai Richa is not right but has gone to Nachiket. This shocked Appa and Ajji. The latter tries to hide by saying that Chinmayananda is still small and he does not know what he is talking about. She tried to stop Appa, but he ran out of the house to see what was going on. Ajji immediately called Sai and informed him that Appa was coming to Nachiket’s place.

He reaches Nachiket’s house and calls Sai. He looks for her anywhere in the house but can’t find her. Soon, he sees Nachiket coming down the steps and he is shocked, because he did not know that he had returned from Australia. You have no idea what you are referring to as Apa asks him about Sai and behaves flawlessly in Nachik. After searching her all over, Apa left Nachiket’s house and returned home. He was surprised to see Sai and Richa waiting for him. He asks Sai about everything and warns her not to dance. Everything goes according to Ajji’s plan.

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