Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 3 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 3 February 2020, After meeting Nachiket, Apa returns unhappy and expects Ketkar to continue his business with a foreigner in the future. When everyone in the family is asked about visiting their family’s foreign office, Apa is angry and refuses to answer.

We see that everyone in the Ketkar family, especially Sai, is upset to hear about his rejected stewardship. She immediately rushes to Nachiket and asks him to do it. Nachiket calms her and tells her to trust him. He explains to her that there is a reason behind everything he is doing.

The next morning, the angry Apa got ready to go to the foreigner’s office and asked them why he had been denied. Everyone in the family is stressed, they try to convince Appa to handle everything calmly, but all in vain.

Apa arrives at the foreigner’s office and meets Zanzabai. He angrily yells at the woman and asks her how he can reject their products. Stubborn females go back to the same agreement that the products do not meet the quality criteria. Angry Appa urged the Jhanbanabai that they need to speak to the decision makers along with the high officials of the organization. After some arguments, Zhanjane allows Bai Appa to meet with the head of the foreign export sector trade.

When Apa entered the business headquarters, it was not known that the person he had come to visit was anyone else. Nachiket had deliberately turned the chair around, turning to you. Appa didn’t know him and started telling him about your problem. He asks business heads how they can refuse their goods. Their products are always of excellent quality and have a good relationship between Ketkar and foreigner. Nachit doesn’t say a word and listens to you.

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