Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 3 January, the Ketakars have to give 2 kg of shrimp to Sri Pardesi. Nachiket decides that everyone will sit down and prepare the dish to complete the order within the given deadline. Appa agrees to Nachiket’s plan, and they begin to create a chuckle. In the meantime Sai burns his fingers and becomes worried with Nachiket. He took her hand and placed it in the stream of water. Ajiji catches this moment between the two and becomes suspicious. Then, Nachiket praises Sai without knowing, which creates more doubt in Ajji’s mind.

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 3 January, Sai and Nachiket are sitting on her bike. The latter is holding her hand without realizing it, but when he does so he strangely grabs it. Sai noticed this moment and asked Nachiket to hold her hand.

After receiving money from Mr. Pardeshi, Ajay, Sai’s mother and aunt dream to buy expensive jewelry for themselves. They want them to get a successful transaction. During their conversation, they learned that Cook in the Ketkar shop was ill with dengue and could not come to work. On hearing this news, he was scared as he was making a 10kg sauce that the culinary Shree Pardeshi could reach. They take this problem to those of you who don’t like to listen. Katekar is joined by Sai and Nachiket who roam their morning evenings.

Nachiket suggests that in the absence of Cook, they can all contribute to the house and create a chuckle. Although this idea may sound unrealistic to you, Apa agrees and decides that everyone will work to fulfill the order. Sai and Nachiket first go to the shop to grow flour. Then, everyone sits in the kitchen to chuckle. Appa initially tries to make some of it, but gets tired when her hands start to hurt. Nachik participates in the dance and starts preparing for it.

Sai’s mother tells Sai to fry these chakras. While doing this, the latter burns her finger and comes to her rescue in the dance. He reprimanded her for being so careless and held her hand in the water. Aji noticed this moment between the two and it became suspicious. Later, Sai and Nachiket decided to cheat Mr. Pardesi. As they both sit on Sai’s bike, she praises Nachiket. This makes Ajji even more skeptical.

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