Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 31 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 31 January 2020, We will see that Sai went to Nachiket’s place to give him Gajar Halwa and he was very upset with Nachiket as he did not get his call. We see Sai and Ajji talking with each other after a short fight over Sai and Nachiket’s irresponsible behavior. They are both having some fun chitchat in the kitchen.

Appa has gone in search of some new distributors for its products. He manages to meet some distributors, but does not agree with the clauses he proposes. In some places, people are also insulted by people wasting them and being rude to them. Even after trying at some places he had no success and returned home. Ajji and Kalpana inquire about the gatherings. Appa gets annoyed and tells him that he will get new distributors for his products very soon. He talks to himself and accepts that the foreigner is his only hope and that he will have to depend on them for his business.

On the other hand Sai constantly tries to call Nachiket, but as his phone is silent he cannot hear any ring and cannot pick up the phone. Sai gets frustrated and angry at Nachiket for not picking up the phone.

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