Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 4 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 4 February 2020, We see that Nachiket received a text message from Richa that she wanted to send to someone else. The message for Niranjan was that Sai wanted to meet him in a secluded place and she would tell him the next details. Upon reading this, Nachikan becomes insecure, jealous and irritable and decides to follow Sai who visits Niranjan.

Appa is equally shocked and upset to see her dance in the chair of the Regional Business Head. He shouted at Nachik, saying that he had created this play only to hurt Ketkar. You declare that Nachiket has backed Ketakar like a wolf. Nachiket quietly listens to Apa’s words and tells him that he has made the final decision on the matter and that Apa can draw some conclusions that are appropriate for him.

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 3 February 2020 Angry, Appa went down in the storm to return home. When everyone asks him about the meeting, he tells them that the meeting was in vain and the Ketakars should withdraw their products.

Concerned Sai immediately decided to visit Nachiket to investigate the matter further. She suspects that in Nachiket it is merely intended to upset Apa. Nachiket explained to Sai that she had no intention of hurting Ketakar and she needed to trust her right now.

Meanwhile, Appa told Ajji that Nachiket had decided to exploit the Ketakars and that no effort would be left to harass them. While Apa is busy complaining about Nachiket, Ajji is already asleep.

The next morning everyone in the family is trying to settle for such a huge loss. They plan to sell jewelry and houses to pay off debt. At that moment, Shailesh and Mansi went home to retrieve their consignments. Appa is worried that they are empty handed and wants to know the reason. Shailesh and Mansi delivered a news that brought comfort to the whole family. They inform family members that their consignment has not been rejected and that every product has been sold. Everyone was happy to hear this. An ecstatic pirate immediately rushes to Nachiket’s house to give thanks. Nachiket, who is the master of this scheme, is already waiting for Sai.

Then Sai meets Richa, who whispers in Sai’s ear. Initially Sai is hesitant but then agrees to plan it.

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