Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 4 January, Sai and Nachiket distribute chakras, which creates a Ketkar family for Shri Pardeshi. In return the latter pays the promised amount in time. In the evening Nachiket receives a check and gives Appa a happy look at the money. The women of Ketkar house decide to make new jewelry for themselves with this money. During their conversation, Ajji confides in Sai and Nachiket to scare each other and get upset. The next day Richa meets Sai and tells her that Nachiket is in love with her.

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 4 January,Ajji tells Sai that Apa hasn’t been home since morning. Seeing Ajji crying anxiously, Sai and Nachiket went in search of Apapa.

Sai’s mother and aunt are praising Nachiket while completing house chores. He talks about his quick wit and intelligence that are always in use. Her listeners are lost in her thoughts. She suspects that Nachiket and Sai are hiding something. Everyone waits impatiently for the night when the foreigner receives the check given to the Ketakars. With that money, women start dreaming of making new jewelry.

Nachiket is sitting on Sai’s bike, he subconsciously holds her in her arms. Upon realizing, he strangely draws his hand to his side, which is what Sai noticed. She says she is okay with touching her hand and tells him to hold it. Nachiket does it with pleasure. Arriving home, Sai meets Richie who has been waiting for her. She later confesses that she thinks Nachiket likes her. Sai describes how he carefully turned her burned finger over while she was in pain. Richa does not disclose anything she knows about Nachiket’s feelings about Sai.

After entering the Nachikas and giving a check to Apapa, it was nice to see a large amount of the latter. He shows it to everyone in the Ketkar family. Meanwhile, Ajay spots Sai and Nachiket again staring at each other. The next day, Richa met Sai and confessed her feelings about her. Sai gets curious about this secret.

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