Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 5 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 5 February 2020, We will see that everyone is eagerly waiting for the special guest to arrive. At that moment, someone meets with him at the Apa house. Everyone is very confused by the guest. After knowing that their products have been sold and defending themselves from losses, the Ketakars have grown weary.

However, Appa still stands by his decision to seek new exporters to boost his business. This concerns all his family members because he knows his stubborn nature and also that he will not look back to fight exporters on trivial issues. Soon, Appa will step down, ready to meet exporters, but this time he has donated a Nehruvian hat. He asks everyone in the family how he looks, and family members are complimented.

Meanwhile, Rich received a text message from Nachiket that he wanted to send to Niranjan. Message read; Sai will be sharp at o ‘clock there and she will tell you about the place soon. Nachiket gets insecure and he immediately calls Sai. She does not answer his call which makes him more suspicious. Then Sai and Richa decide to go according to their plan. They are waiting for Nachiket to come home. On the go, they spot Nachiket, and Sai and Ha escape to the bike while they call in Nachik to ask what is going on. He goes after them in the auto but loses track of them shortly.

After returning home, Nachiket stabs Niranjan on a social media site and even spies Sai’s account to find her secret friend. So far Nachiket has been very nervous and jealous of Niranjan. Diggs tried to explain to Nachiket that he was thinking the wrong way. But Nachiket assures him that Sai is definitely hiding something from him. Later, Sai also decides to include Ajji in their plan and gives her instructions for a task.

In the evening, Appa returns home and informs everyone that an important person is coming to their place for dinner. When asked about him, you refused to divulge further details.

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