Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 5 March 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 5 March 2020, While dining with the Ketakars, Nachiket complained. This causes the ketakar to set boundaries and they ask about it.

Nachiket tells them that the fried chilli was a little too spicy and made everyone laugh. On leaving, Nachiket gives them a free pass for Marathi play. Apa gets suspicious and asks him why he should give them a free pass.

Ditch is very uncomfortable with Nachiket as the latter ignores Sai. The game has just begun and Sai tells DiGas that she must understand her mistakes. Later, Khod tries to convince Nachiket that he should relinquish his grievances and stand with Sai, but he is determined to teach Sai a lesson. Almost Sufal Sampoorna

On the other hand the idea is to praise the dance in front of you. However, Appa says Nachiket is a disabled child with a powerful designation. Ajay also praises Nachiket in front of Sai and others. In addition, the Katikars decide to invite Nachiket to a feast to celebrate their success. However, Sai opposes Ajji and angrily tells her that an arrogant person like Nachiket need not be invited to his party.Almost Sufal Sampoorna

After some time, Sai’s friends come to her place to join the celebration. Hiding behind his friends, Diggs tries to avoid Appa, but Appa scares him for something. To defend himself, Appas falsely lies to be deaf and dumb. Later, Appa starts preaching, which Sai’s friends are fed up with. They try to get out of there but Apa forcibly tells them to listen. To distract Appa’s attention, Diggs plays the usual trick of calling him and then pretending that he is calling someone else. Almost Sufal Sampoorna

Then Sai’s friends ask about Nachiket. Sai tells them that she was not invited because he was busy. After a while, when everyone is about to have dinner, Apa stops them and asks them to pray first. This upsets Sai’s friends but he has no choice but to satisfy Apa’s wishes. When everyone is busy eating, someone knocks on the door bell. Sai went to open the door and was shocked to see Nachiket. Sai yells at him and asks what he’s doing there. Nachit responds gently, saying that he is a guest of Aappa and will only speak to him. Almost Sufal Sampoorna


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