Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 6 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 6 February 2020, Appa leaves no stone unturned in singing praises for her efforts to get Nachiket and Ketkar products, and this will greatly hurt her. When Appa praises him, the latter thinks that he should have Shri. Will be called Deshpande and in turn, they will call Apapa as their name, Vishwas Ketkar. He further tells Appa that their relationship is now strictly commercial. It shocked everyone.

We see that in the impatient dance, Sai is constantly trying to get to know her new friend. Sai, however, decides to upset Nachiket by not getting his phone call. By now, Nachiket is smoking hot and is too depressed to talk to her. He then sends her assuming that someone should be around her, so that the call does not occur. Finally, Sai calls him back and treats him in solitude, asking if anything is wrong. He asks her where she is, to which Sai replies that she has a lot of work at home. Sai, who was not at home and had gone to see his secret friend, didn’t know how to react.

The next morning Nachiket called Ajji and told her that he needed to talk to her about Sai. Nachit is still unaware that Ajit Sai is already involved in the scheme. Later, a restless nappy meets Ajji and complains to her about Sai’s strange behavior. Also, Ajnji asks Niranjan and Sai about his relationship with him. Ajji, who knows about Sai’s play, tells him that Niranjan is his new friend. She also sings praises about the latter, saying that she is smart and handsome. Until now, Nachiket has been jealous.

Upon arriving at the office, Nachiket is restless and unable to concentrate on work. He decides to go to the root cause of the problem and calls Richa to know the whole case. He hurries to meet her and asks why Niranjan and Sai are close to him. Richa confronts him, saying that the two are just good friends. To ignite the fuel, Richa tells him that Sai mentions Niranjan as ‘Neeru’. This angered Nachiket.

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