Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 6 March 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 6 March 2020, sai meets Nachiket. They both argue with each other and use drugs as mediators. Diggs tries to tell them that they should talk directly to each other, but the couple continue to communicate through them.

Arrived at Ketkar’s house for lunch at Nachiket. After lunch, he praises the food and thanks Azizi and Kalpana for making such delicious treats. Later, he chats with Appa and other family members.

You talk to him about business. Nachiket also gives them all the necessary information regarding the following goods.

On leaving, they gave a free pass to a Marathi play for all of them at Nachik. Appa grows suspicious of this behavior and asks Nachiket why he is giving them a free pass. Nachiket tells Apa that this is his way of apologizing for all the misunderstandings.

After some time, Sai refused to go for the show. When Ajji questions her, Sai angrily tells her that Nachiket didn’t even bother inviting her to the show. Ajen tried hard to convince Sai but all in vain. Later in the evening, everyone except for Sai is ready to go for a play. She is still angry with Nachiket and decides to stay home. Sai was busy reading the book and soon knocked on her door. She gets up to open the door, but no one can find the other end. This happens frequently. In the end Sai gets angry and doubts that Nachiket is relying on his sour trick. To allay her fears and anger, Digg called her and informed her that there was an atmosphere of ghostbusters in her area and that she should be alert.

After a while, the lights go off in the kitchen one by one and the utensils start to fall. Sai is scared and runs out of the house to find out what’s going on. At that very moment, she shows a shadow near her window. When she goes to check it out, the shadow disappears. All of a sudden she saw someone standing in front of her and making a frightening noise. Sai fell outside the house and hugged Nachiket. Nachikat starts to laugh and tells Sai that he is playing a knock on her. Sai gets angry and tells him to stay away from her. But Nachiket smiles at her constantly.

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