Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 7 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 7 February 2020, We will see the tables rotate. This time Nachiket sends a message to Richa that he has a new friend named Gabriella. When Sai sees the text message, she gets irritated and immediately rushes to Nachiket’s office. He goes out to lunch with Gabriella, according to staff at her office telling her.

While having dinner, Nachiket tells everyone that you have increased your offer to partner with Ketak. The Ketakars were happy to hear this. However, he tells Appa that they have only a business relationship and that they will not be Mr. Deshpande and Shri. Ketkar will call and welcome each other.

After a while, Sai asks Ajaji if she can meet Niranjan and then happily lets her go while watching the drama in dance. Sai meets Richa and tells her that she can’t do that to Nachiket and that they should stop their play. Psyche followers follow their conversation and know the truth. He flies in happiness and decides to teach Sai and Richa a lesson. The next morning, Appa calls Kacharu again, and shows his true colors. It lists all the products made by Ketkar and the ingredients used to make them and the ingredients should be submitted to Nachiket. You also informed Sai and other family members that they did not have to praise Nachiket and control their emotions.

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